Week of March 20 – 27


  • Read Chapters 4 and 5 in the Animated Story Telling book.
  • Create at least 10 animation or material tests.

Set Building references:

Artist references:




Project Update 3/22/17

The end is near!

As I thesis install grows near I am testing for install and shooting my last episode of my film. Here is an update of whats going on!

Character Edits

I created this jean jacket for Tee with patches to give you insight into her personality.

I also gave Toni a new outfit to better illustrate her personality.
Side Note: I also have been doing promo shots for the family as well! The last two are the Promo shots of Toni.

I also created another character for my series. Her name is Xtra and she serves the role as the extra of any of the episodes that I create. she is the waitress in The auto correct and the shopper in “The dome Piece” episode. I created her head and she fits in the body of the mother.

Episode 3: The Dome piece

I have shot and did my first edit of my Dome piece episode. This episode is the second episode I shot, but it is the third episode of the series. I have two versions of the episode because I am not sure how I want to end the piece. Some of the beginning footage are placeholders for the footage that I will shoot under the camera. There is also green screen footage that I will be keyed into some sections.

The episodes below are password protected. If you would like the password please email me and I can send it you :-).

Process shots

Set Construction: Sunday’s Bar and Grille

I have constructed my last set recurring set of the series. Sunday’s bar and Grill. Sunday’s bar and grille is the family’s favorite place to eat and drink. The atmosphere is family oriented in the day but can become a spot for Tru and Toni’s friends to hang out at night.


Episode 2 : The Autocorrect

I am currently in the process of shooting “The Autocorrect”. This episode is one of the more difficult episode I have shot because it involves dialog and lip sync.

Projection Tests

Project update

As install grows near I feel like I am on a race to the finish line! Hear are some process shots of my current set and puppets. I have one set pretty much completed and will now start my final one “Sundays Bar and grill”.

Set building process shots

To construct the set I started with a small mock up that I then scanned and created a vector to laser cut.

Set construction

One of the animated components for the clicks set will be “The Quins” the mannequins in the window that are posable. They are cast from dollar store barbies and cast out of rubber.

As another component to the set for the “Dome Piece” Episode I have created mock signage and advertisements for the store. Some of these signs will animate as well.


Puppet Building

My puppets are almost done and ready to animate. Here are a couple shots of the process.


Week two of my final semester

At the end of last semester and during the break I have been working on world building and character development for my web series “This is Tru”.



“This is Tru” is a stop motion animated web series that follows the story of Tru Collins and her family that lives “inside of social media”. The series uses humor and satire to create short animated vignettes that are inspired by personal experiences with popular culture, social media, the art world, and family. The show is based on the premise that social media has become part of our culture and affects everyday life whether you are a regular user or not. Because of this, the subject matter discussed will not always directly relate to social media but uses it as an avenue to discuss it.

Tag line ideas


The tag line I am still struggling with. These two ideas above received the critique that it was to vague and didn’t inform the viewer about what they are about to see. I wanted to play with using emojis so I looked up emoji meanings and used that. I still think it needs work.

Logo idea


logo on animation bible

The idea behind the logo is that I wanted to create something that referenced computers and technology but also look a little offbeat and funky. I was testing fonts in Indesign and I highlighted it and really liked the look.



World Building

The series takes place inside of social media allowing for creative and imaginative settings. The setting will be a hybrid of reality and virtual reality and will reference social media and technology in general. The content of the episode will dictate the color grading and set pieces sometimes referencing different time periods. There are three recurring sets in the series. These sets are the sets that I will display in the final show. None of these sets while be static, each set will have its own motion that happens in its space.

Tru’s bedroom: Tru’s bedroom appears in the episode “The Distraction” and “The Perfect Truth”. The bedroom is meant to represent the highly curated spaces that we create for ourselves on social media. The walls function like social media feeds, subtly cycling through imagery throughout the episodes. The room is meant to feel familiar and homey while also giving you the feeling that you are inside of virtual reality.

Sunday’s Bar and Grille: Sunday’s bar and grille is the family’s favorite place to eat and drink. The atmosphere is family oriented in the day but can become a spot for Tru and Toni’s friends to hang out at night. The walls of the place also cycles through imagery, often  advertisement posters but sometimes videos as well.

Clicks Department Store: There is only one store in the town and that is Clicks Department Store. It’s the local store that represents everything that is commercial about social media. It is only one store but can change from a clothing store to a hardware store based on the needs of the person entering. It has a large display window that showcases elaborate displays. The store is constantly bombarded with ads.

Character Construction  

I have been focused on making the other characters for the series. Each character was sculpted then cast in plaster.



Another critique I received last semester was that my arms and hands needed work. I have been working to figuring out the best way to make that hands for my characters. I sculpted and cast the hands and tried casting them in latex, rubber, and oil based clay.


img_5706Image of studio

For this years project I have been using snap chat filters as a form of character sketches as well as mood boards and pinterest boards. I have posted my “sketches” done in snapcat in previous posts. Below is the mood board for another character in the series.



Toni Collins


aspiring actress and beautician

Toni Collins is Truths older sister. She is vain but very self conscience and beautiful. She likes to follow trends. Toni and Truth are some what close. Toni doesn’t relate well to her sister but always has her back.


I have also been doing tests with layering snapchat filters as a way to work out ideas.

Art Criticism

This week we are supposed to write a post about our processes,method, or theory for critiquing art. Here is a list of things that I consider when I attempt to give critical feedback on a work of art.

Step 1: I view the art. (read titles, asses the craftsmanship, Install)

Step 2: Listen to the artist’s spiel on the work or read artist statement

Step 3: Make mental or physical notes of phrases that resonate with me in a positive or negative way

Step 4: This is when I usually view the art again

Step 5: Offer my perspective on the work.


Studio organization

This week we were asked to do a post about about how we organize our studio. At first glance my studio fluctuates between crazy to explosion on a daily bases. Often I could organize my work area and within the same day it is stuff sprawled all over it again. However I do have a method to my madness… sometimes. Within the clutter there is an attempt at organization and the more materials I collect the more effort I put in to remain organized. Some of my organizational “techniques” come from me observing my friends organize there studio spaces and pinterest (although never as cute as pinterest) but most of my organizational “techniques” comes from me needing a space to store something, finding a container for it, hoping I remember where I put that container, then putting other things like that thing there after I get more of them.

Welcome to my studio tour

Disclaimer: To keep the authenticity of this post and because I didn’t feel like cleaning my studio, all images were taken with my studio “as is”. Meaning I did not do any extra organizing or cleaning before I took any of these pictures…. believe it or not.

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The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl


The misadventures of An Awkward Black girl is one of the books that I recently read for leisure. The book is a memoir written by Jo-Issa “Issa” Rae Diop. The book written as a guide for awkward black girls around the world to navigate life through the personal stories of her growing up. Some chapters even list rules for navigating situations that she has experienced. The book is titled after her award winning web series that follows the life of Jay, played by Issa Rae, a socially awkward black woman in her mid twenties. The episodes are narrated by Jay and it allows the viewer to hear the hilariously awkward and relatable reactions to everyday situations we all experience. In the first episode of the web series she states “Some one once told me that the two worse things in life to be is awkward and black” this statement sets the premise for the entire series.

What resonated with me in this memoir is not only the stories that I can relate to as an awkward black girl myself, but the use of personal experience to create a narrative. The idea of using my life as content is something that I had strayed away from but seeing how Issa used her experiences with humor to create narrative is inspiring. Reading her actual experiences in contrast to the narrative she created in the series was helpful in understanding how to create a work of fiction.

Thesis Year!

For my thesis project I am developing a reoccurring narrative. The narrative follows the story of Truth Collins a 22 year old art student who lives with her family. The series uses humor and satire to create short animated vignettes that are inspired by personal experiences with popular culture, social media, the art world, and family. The look of each character in the series is inspired by Snapchat filters. Initially filters were used as a way to sketch characters but I find myself intrigued by how it can change your persona with the swipe of a finger. Through experimentation and further development to the narrative I hope to find a connection between the use of this technology and narrative.



Puppet inspiration board